> I'm using both ICS and Indy in my project, and found an issue when 
> OpenSSL fails to initialize when I use it one after another.
> Looks like the problem is that ICS loads OpenSSL for the life of 
> TSslBaseComponent and Indy keeps SSL loaded per globally.
> So at some point Indy still thinks that OpenSSL is initialized 
> while ICS already unloaded it.

That seems like an Indy problem, not checking that OpenSSL has been loaded but
assuming it has.  

It's SslContext that initialises OpenSSL in ICS, I always load it when the
application starts to ensure all the certificates and settings are correct and 
so I
can disable SSL if it fails, doing that might resolve your problem.

  HttpSslContext.InitContext; //Pre-loads OpenSSL DLL's
  AddLogLine ('SSL Version: ' + OpenSslVersion + ', 
      Dir: ' + GLIBEAY_DLL_FileName) ; // OpenSslDir) ;
  AddLogLine ('Failed to Initialise SSL - ' + GetExceptMess
      (ExceptObject)) ;
  sslflag := false ;
end ;


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