There are new versions of the free Magenta Systems MagXfer and MagIpLog 
that extend ICS today, all supporting ICS v8 and up to Delphi XE8.

All components have been updated to support the latest SSL features added to 
including validation of SSL certificates using a supplied root bundle file or 
by the
Windows certificate store.  

Magenta Systems File Transfer Components comprise three Delphi components, 
TMagHttp and TMagFileCopy, the first two of which are high level descendants of 
ICS TFtpClient and THttpCli components, all allowing transfer of multiple files 
subdirectories with a single function call.  An entire disk volume or just one 
may be copied or sent using FTP.

Magenta Systems IP Log Streaming Component, TMagIpLog, is designed for IP stream
logging, using TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client or UDP Server protocols, 
simple text lines across a network so they may be displayed or written to disk
remotely. The component allows two way communication with TCP and UDP, so may 
be used for simple protocols such as communication between two applications. 
It supports SSL for client and server, with certificate checking, and may be 
used as
a basis for much more complex applications, hiding much the complexity of 
and TWSocketServer.

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