Do you recommend this procedure for a MS-Windows service? It seems a bit of a strange concept to me

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On 28/07/2015 18:30, Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
In a console application the best practice (not only for TWSocket) is to create a hidden window and an associated message pump. For the rest your application is only a message loop. The program itself you can do in a separate object just as it is a forms application. No need to call MessageLoop or any other sequentinonal thing.

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Op 28-07-15 om 18:05 schreef Paul Read - nSolve Ltd:
In a console app's thread, I make a valid connection, I call SslWSocket->Send, followed by MessageLoop.
Once I receive OnDataSent message I call SslWSocket->PostQuitMessage();

And the data is sent and the control returns to the thread - perfect.

The second time I want to send data (without closing-reopening the connection - which is not allowed by Apple) the MessageLoop immediately returns as SetTerminated(TRUE) was called once the MessageLoop was exited in the previous send.

*Question what is the correct way to use a SslWSocket to send data over a continuously open connection?*

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