I develop smtp relay server using ICS. And I notice very big performance hit
if many TSmtpCli's connects to remote MX server in parallel !

I use TDnsQuery to resolve domain's MX server then supply result to

If I use 100+ TSmtpCli instances most of them waits for OnRequestDone after
TSmtpCli.Connect call.

Looks like problem in TWSocket.DnsLookup because they call
WSocket_Synchronized_WSAAsyncGetHostByName but MSDN say:

"The WSAAsyncGetHostByName function is not designed to provide parallel
resolution of several names."

So, if 100 TSmtpCli's perform Connect they can't do it in parallel because
WSAAsyncGetHostByName works sequentially. So 300+ TSmtpCli's works slower
than 50 TSmtpCli's because waits for WSAAsyncGetHostByName queue.

Can you suggest some workaround to avoid this problem ?

At this time I see this way:

1. Use TDNSQuery.MXLookup to resolve MX, then TDNSQuery.ALookup to resolve
MX's IP. Then supply resolved MX IP to TSmtpCli to avoid GetHostByName.

2. Cache both MX and A results in my own DNS cache.

But maybe you can suggest more efficient way ? Maybe some tuning or secret
option in ICS ? 

Thanks for help !

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.

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