I have several applications that use the HttpCli, SmtpCli, and FtpCli components. They've been working quite well for years and years on the last revision of ICS v6, with Delphi 2007. While refreshing these applications recently, it seemed like a good time to get them ready for IPv6.

I updated ICS to the latest SVN of v8, and was quite pleased that rebuilds of the applications went flawlessly in D2007 and they still perform as expected. So many thanks to Angus, Arno, Fran├žois, and everyone else for your hard work over the years keeping things backwards compatible.

I have been searching the mailing list, unit notes, and web trying to find out what needs to be done on the client side to enable IPv6, if anything, but I haven't found anything definitive. Does it all "just work" under the hood, or do I simply change the components' SocketFamily property from sfIPv4 to sfAny, or is it more involved than that?

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