> In my audio + video streaming i must know the client internet 
> connection speed so that the application will react based on this 
> connection speed , so please how it's possible to calculate the 
> user's connection speed asit's being used on SKYPE  ' Call Quality 
> Indicator ' or used here : http://www.pingtest.net/

Not sure if you are talking about a client or server application here.
A server has no knowledge of client performance, even a client has difficulty in
knowing, it might have a fast wireless connection to a router and then a 
slow internet connection, or vice versa.

Using ping you can find the round trip time in milliseconds to a host that 
to pings, but many hosts don't respond and firewalls often block pings.  If ping
works, it can be used to check the quality of a connection by looking for packet
loss, which can be devastating for streaming which is often not error corrected.
ICS has a ping component and trace route demo. 

Internet speeds are best measured from the client to a speedtest site, but this 
be time consuming and you don't want to do it very often, also many such sites 
unable to cope with the 150Mb and higher speeds common today on cable modems and


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