> No, but since sites now seem to be defaulting to using EC I'll 
> change the default for SslECDHMethod to sslECDHAuto.  

The overnight zip now has ICS v8.20 which the new default, only really matters 
projects that did not update SslContext properties, but that included some of 
my own.

> Is the latest ICS from the overnight ZIP suitable for production
> releases?

Most recent changes to ICS are relatively minor and 'safe', not having major 
on existing projects.  The worst time is new compilers that introduce issues and
also the effort to build and test all the new packages and files added for each 
compiler, such as adding them to the zip, etc.  

Generally, I don't update SVN until I've build one or more of my own projects 
the latest ICS changes, and those projects are usually how the changes get 
My various projects use most of the ICS high level components, TCP, HTTP, FTP, 
servers and clients, POP3 client (no server yet), DNS, ICMP, telnet, MIME, etc. 

One of my public SQL driven web sites uses SSL HttpAppServer with thousands of
accesses per hour, as you can see from the status page:  


There is also a public SSL FTP site on the same server.  My ComCap, DUN Manager 
MailMaint applications variously use the client components, and all have new 
releases done or imminent.  

So yes, the current overnight ICS zip is ready for production use.  


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