> > I'm having issues with emails being marked as spam because the daily
> > report batch run produces multiple emails which all get sent at the
> > end of the run.
> How and by what are these emails being rejected?  The recipients?  Your
> ISP's mail server?   What quantities, to how many addresses?  Are you
> sending them with the ICS SMTP client?

Currently setup is with Unix client machine running batch process, connecting 
to our Windows email server (non-ICS).
The version of our Windows email server software only limits concurrent 
outgoing connections, not how many connections to each receiving server.
So our batch process is sending 20 emails (for example) to one email because of 
the batch process, our windows email server receives all 20 fine, but this then 
causes 20 connections to an external receiving email server for the same email 
address from our server, which in general email servers don't like.

> > I have the feeling that it should be possible to make a mail queuing
> > program with ICS, it would need to be able to:
> > 1) Receive in emails - multiple concurrently.
> > 2) Add emails received to 1 of many out queues based on to address
> > (which send out based on time delay).
> > 3) Report on queue lengths via an http page.
> > I'm fiddling with the OverbyteSmtpServer demo
> That is designed to receive SMTP emails only, not send them.

I know, thanks. That is step 1.

> I announced a new version of Magenta Systems Mail Queue Component component 
> here three months ago...

This is step 2 and grateful for you sharing, I hope I understand code quickly, 
I have successfully sent a test email with it.

> It only accepts one email at a time, but sends emails from a thread so can do 
> so while sending...

I will have to link components from step 1 and 2 with my own code.
I'm not always comfortable with multi-threading, but hope I come right.


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