And  if  you  are  looking for a SMTP/IMAP/POP3 server only (I mean no
extra modules like webmail client interface, stats analysis module...)
I  do like opensource hMailServer that can also be controlled thru COM



>> Currently setup is with Unix client machine running batch 
>> process, connecting to our Windows email server (non-ICS).
>> The version of our Windows email server software only limits 
>> concurrent outgoing connections, not how many connections to each 
>> receiving server.
>> So our batch process is sending 20 emails (for example) to one 
>> email because of the batch process, our windows email server 
>> receives all 20 fine, but this then causes 20 connections to an 
>> external receiving email server for the same email address from 
>> our server, which in general email servers don't like.

ARMSL> So a non-Windows application is relaying email via a non-ICS windows
ARMSL> SMTP relay server, which is so badly designed it's seen a source of
ARMSL> spam? 

ARMSL> seems like you need a better Windows mail server, try SmarterMail which
ARMSL> is what I use on my public server.  For sending email with a single
ARMSL> domain, it would be free.  You may want to investigate it's concurrent
ARMSL> connections first, but it includes numerous anti-spam methods so I
ARMSL> expect it similarly avoids being seen as a spam source. It can be used
ARMSL> for mailing lists.   

ARMSL> http://www.smartertools.com/

ARMSL> You may be able to create something similar with the ICS SmtpServer
ARMSL> component and MailQueue, ideally we need a Pop3Server as well and that
ARMSL> would make a complete mail server (with a lot of file processing in the
ARMSL> middle).  But that is a major project, particularly the spam checking
ARMSL> side of it.  It's on my very long term wish list, but not sure I'll
ARMSL> ever manage it, meanwhile I make do with SmarterMail.  

ARMSL> Angus


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