> We have stumbled at a very strange issue with our software that 
> uses ICS as core for sockets.
> This is not the first time that it happens and has happened in 
> different customers but it is kind of rare.. What happens is that 
> ASyncReceive routine from TCustomWSocket hangs in Ics_ioctlsocket
> routine.

> What I can see from here is that it is hang in 
> ZwDeviceIoControlFile routine from ntdll that was called from
> ioctlsocket which was called by ICS.

It seems very unlikely this issue is related to ICS as such, otherwise
it would be more widely seen.  

There must be something unusual or different about these servers, some
other application or driver than is interfering with winsock calls, a
firewall, packet monitor, AV checker or something. 

> our software was running for over 2 years in 2 different servers
> and suddenly on December 15/16 it started crashing (hanging), but
> BOTH servers servers started doing it..

Were both updated with some third party software at the same time?  

The only problems I've seen on servers is where they ran for more than
50 days without reboot when GetTickCount wraps around, and when a
memory leak causes a crash after a few hundred thousand connections
with a reboot.  


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