(Sorry if this error has been found and fixed, I've looked where I think I 
should and not found it.)
Windows 7 Delphi 2007 for win32 server with custom (non-ICS) FTP client on 
Solaris 10 (Unix).
I'm battling with a problem on the FTP server demo.
>From the client side I'm doing the following:

        Login with user and password (230 user logged in)
        Change to binary mode (TYPE = I)
        Change to passive mode (PASV)
        Listing of current directory (NLST and Server logs: Directory 
2.06Mbytes sent in 359 milliseconds)

(The directory has 30k files and growing, but don't believe this is the cause 
of the problem below)
Now here comes the first sign of problem when I retrieve a file:

        Change to passive mode (PASV)
        Get File filename.ext (RETR and Server logs: filename.ext 2.06Mbytes 
sent in 9 seconds (223Kbytes/sec))

But the filename.ext on disk is not 2.06Mbytes in size but generally less than 

If I shut down the FTP server demo exe and restart it then rerun the client, 
the filename.ext gets given the right size and everything works fine.  - 
nothing changed except perhaps port numbers assigned by Windows ???
I'm not good at debugging event driven code like this, but think it may be 
OverbyteIcsFtpSrv.TFtpServer.ClientPassiveSessionAvailable not running before 
 for some reason.  I've put logging stuff (mORMot synlog style) almost 
everywhere except the twsocket units and can't find the problem - yet.
I thought it was the DataStream and hasopenfile going out of sync, but after 
now handling separately, doesn't seem to be.
Anyone with ideas on how I should proceed further with debugging - what to look 


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