> I used ICS to support httpCli SSL requests and now a client has 
> asked me if I support NTLMv2.
> I looked at some of the samples and found adding the compiler 
> directive UseNTLMAuthentication just causes it to not compile.

NTLM is only used by Windows web servers authenticating against windows
credentials, usually for intranet web sites, since every user needs a
Windows accounts.  

At least that is my understanding, I've never used ICS with NTLM.  I
have several Windows web servers, but have never used NTLM with them. 

> Is there a working sample somewhere?

NTLM should be transparent, if enabled, so OverbyteIcsHttpsTst.dpr
should work, if NTLM is enabled.  
> Is it even possible for a client app to support both SSL and 
> NTLMv2 within the same application?
> It seems that once it is compiled with the UseNTLMAuthentication 
> it will override the SSL code.

There is not connection between SSL and NTLM.  The issue is NTLM is not
tested as part of normal ICS development, so changes made to correct
other problems may impact NTLM since that code is not compiled, and
there is no way to test it anyway.  

I don't know how the original developer of the NTLM code tested it, and
he's not currently available to work on ICS. 


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