> I would like to know if I can use Let's encrypt with ICS 
> TSSlHttpServer ? Is there any documentation or Wiki ?

Not easily at present, most of the Let's Encrypt client projects are
for Linux.  

There are two .NET projects for Windows, not managed to make the
command line version work, zero documentation, the other gets
certificates for web sites created in IIS and I've got that to work OK,
but not helpful for ICS.  

I have started an ICS Let's Encrypt component, but it's not trivial and
needs new encryption functions from OpenSSL that ICS does not currently
support for signing JSON messages and RSA key generation.  

Unfortunately I've got side tracked onto other more important projects,
so the ICS Let's Encrypt component is several weeks away, unless
someone else can contribute time to help write it.  

Bear in mind Let's Encrypt certificate generation needs to be automated,
since the SSL certificates expire after 90 days, getting new
certificates that often would be impractical manually (which is why
they have a 90 day life).  


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