> Pretty confused and stuck at the moment. Give this  to my
> literally *no knowledge* of using sockets. Below is as far as it 
> gets.

> WSocket.Connect;
> Sleep(3500); // Assuming that amount of time is enough for a 
> local tcp connection.

which is I'm afraid a perfect example of why you would be better
starting off with my TMagIpLog component, even if you only look at the
source code and modify it for your purposes, although certainly the
client side will do everthing you need.  The component is not designed
as a high traffic server, I mostly use for one-one connections between

The most important thing is ICS is generally used in async mode, you
NEVER have wait loops or sleep, there is an event that fires when a
connection successeds or fails, and that is what riggers you next step.
The exception is multi-threaded applications that do nothing else until
the next ICS call.  


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