Hey all, Ok am re-vamping my full chat system backend, I want to make the 
server side more dynamic and have few server sockets talk to each other with 
out the client connecting to each server what am planning is to have a master 
server that client will connect to only and then for that server to talk to all 
the other servers in internal network and then send the information from each 
server to client but am also thinking of creating a server socket in real time 
so the main system can create a new server service on the fly with out me or a 
tech having to ever create a new exe file.

basic idea.

Client ¬ * user client
            MCP Server ¬ * will be the only server client will connect to and 
it will talk to the blew servers to get needed information to send back to 
                                 Login Server ¬ * handles login requests
                                                       concentrator server ¬ * 
that will create socket sessions for each service such as lobbies/rooms.
machmaker  server * this will send info to MCP server to make sure user gets to 
the correct location.

don't think there any examples on this so any help would be grateful as this is 
a big undertaking for me will involve many hours and months of coding but will 
greatly improve our product.


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