The ICS page has links to what's suposed to be a daily snapshot of the svn,
"Below you'll find the links to download ICS/ICS-SSL distribution archives.
You can find the latest source on the version control repository and an
archive extracted daily from the repository here: ICS-V6
<>, ICS-V7
<>, ICS-V8.16

however, comparing the files from those links to the svn I see they are not
the same, i.e:

OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas in the daily, last update:
"Jul 18, 2014 V8.10 Angus applied V8.08 change to another function"

now browsing the svn I see 3 extra revisions:

Jun 01, 2015 V8.11
Oct 19, 2015 V8.12
Feb 22, 2016 V8.13

So is the daily snapshot not being generated anymore?
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