> Are there any known issues with SslHttpCli for sending data? I've 
> observed the following:
> Sending a 3MB picture to imgur:
> * with ICS/OpenSSL: takes ~27 seconds

Done some testing with a view to investigating this issue, but not
currently sure it's worth any more time. 

I'm using an updated version of the sample OverbyteIcsHttpPost against
the ICS web server (no SSL).  

With both running on my PC:
File Size: 20,450,630
Upload Duration: 204 msecs
Speed: 100,248,186 chars/sec
Upload FileName: speed20meg.zip

With the ICS web server running on my public server, over FTTC with a
10Mbit/sec upload speed, from ICS:
File Size: 20,450,630
Upload Duration: 17.56 secs
Speed: 1,164,349 chars/sec
Upload FileName: speed20meg.zip

Using Firefox to the same public server:
File Size: 20,450,630
Upload Duration: 17.53 secs
Speed: 1,166,407 chars/sec
Upload FileName: speed20meg.zip

You can try the public server yourself:

http://www1.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/testing/uploadfile.htm or

and it will report the upload speeds, as copied above.  Using SSL and
Firefox, got the same speeds exactly, not got an SSL version of the ICS
POST sample, yet.  The web server is running OpenSSL 1.1.0 beta 5 and
unreleased ICS versions, had to change the web server component to get
sensible speed measurements.   


For completeness, I will make the HTTP client buffers configurable in
size, but I really don't expect to see any real difference in upload
speed, it's seems to be maxed out already.  And this is through two
Sonicwalls that slow things down.  


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