> So I'm kinda baffled by these results, not sure what to make of it. 

I do know from long experience that ruling out a single PC is the first
thing I do when testing stuff like this.  But even then, sometimes
results simply can never be explained.  

I have speed test downloads from my public servers every morning, and
have known for a long time that HTTP is sometimes slower than it should
be, although today it seems rather good.  I have two broadband
connections, 40/10 and 152/12 but use the former for most speed tests,
although I did download 10.1 Berlin ISO at 100Mb last week which would

You have only been doing uploads so far, but I will be mainly testing
downloads when I fix the buffers, using:


The first URL is ICS, second IIS, www is Windows 2012 R2, www1 is 2008.
As I said earlier, these servers are behind a slowish firewall since I
get continual hacking attempts and Windows servers are so open to
attack, the set-up was never designed for high speed testing. 


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