> Hi, I tried to use the demo OverbyteIcsSslSmtpServer and found 
> that the SMTP server cannot handle more than 70 clients at a
> time. Many clients receive the error: "Connection rejected". Is
> it possible to handle more concurrent connections?

The component uses the standard SocketServer component to accept
connections, and that is known to support hundreds of connections.  

There is a property MaxClients that allows you to limit the concurrent
clients, which results in the remote client getting an 3.2 user limit
reached response. 

Presumably Connection rejected came from the remote client?  What did
the SMTP server say?  

I rewrote the SMTP server three years ago, but only use it myself for a
low volume application receiving alert emails from appliances.  There
has been little discussion in this mailing list about it, so I don't
know if anyone is using it for a heavy mail server.  

I was vaguely planning to create a public email server with the
component, but it needs a lot of spam and file handling adding, and we
really need a POP3 server as well, maybe even IMAP server, but never
had the time.  Testing would be easy, since I run my own public SMPT
server that gets over 1,000 emails an hour, 98% of which are spam.


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