Hi All,

I'm Mario and just joined this newsletter.


I'm using ICS from Overbyte since 2005 and never used other components for
Delphi development.


I have a problem using TFTPClient inside a thread class; I create the
component inside the "Execute" method (setting server, port, username and
pwd properties and finally calling ThreadDetach and ThreadAttach methods)
exactly as I do with generic TWSocket Client and server components.


I'm using all "Async" FTP commands and manage the "OnRequestDone" event to
make automa run inside the thread.


It works all fine until I use the "MLSDAsync" method for getting remote file
list; after this call the thread hangs and "OnRequestDone" won't be fired.
It seems that thread message queue stops working. The "OnRequestDone" for
command mlsdAsync will fire only if I manually send any other message to the


Could anyone help me with this issue?

If You need the codesnippet I'll attach to next email.


Thanks in advance.




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