> I have a delphi program that calls a PROGRESS 4gl socket server with a
simple message which returns a 
> port number - using the ICS library to send the message.
> When running the PROGRESS 4gl on windows (even on another server from the
Delphi App), it replies in a millisecond.
> When calling the PROGRESS 4gl running on a linux box (exact same code,
just compiled for linux), then the message 
> comes back, but only after approx 9 seconds.

Difficult to diagnostic your code without seeing it....
At first glance, I suggest you look at you PROGRESS 4gl code: Linux has an
option to make larger network packet to minimize overhead. If you send short
messages, then Linux will wait to have enough short messages before sending
anything. It will send only after a given timeout. Look after TCP_NODELAY

This is exactly the same at Windows side, but the default value may differ.
Control of this feature is implemented in TWSocket. Look at wsoTcpNoDelay in

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