> 1-      I do need some help to list files in the FTP server I am 
> connecting. I want to use LocalStream (Please see below) 
> 2-      It_s maybe me, but I couldn_t find any sample as to 
> listing of files in a directory using wildcards and excluding 
> directories  (or some how identifying them). Currently, I do not 
> know if I can or how to pass this wildcard to the file listing in 
> order to get only the relevant files listed.

I suggest you look at Magenta Systems File Transfer Components, which
are free components for ICS, that support FTP, HTTP and file copying
from single function calls. 


You can either save yourself a lot of development testing by using
these components directly, or look at the source code to see how to
list file to a stream and parse the directory.

Note FTP servers do not support wild cards, sub-directories, etc, you
need to do all that work in Delphi.  But the above component does most
it, for instance it gives a list of directory records you can parse to
select or deselect files for download or upload. 


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