I will try to ask my question in an understandable way. If it is not clear,
just give it to my lack of sockets knowledge. I might be choosing confusing

I would like to know that my command finished successfully. That I do in
OnRequestDone() event. However, there are times that there will be errors
(ftp server down, file not present, connection dropped for some reason,
etc.) When such a thing occurs, I get error message displayed using
OnError() event.

If logic reaches to OnError() event of TFtpClient does it mean that
OnRequestDone() won't be called until another command run on the component
(such as change directory, connect, disconnect, etc)? Can I put a "Operation
interrupted" kind of message after I print error message on the screen?

If an OnError() event is not absolute stop of execution, how can I know it
will continue?


Ertan Küçükoğlu

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