>> Could you also add GSSLEAY_DLL_IgnoreOld global variable similar to 
>> GSSLEAY_DLL_IgnoreNew, so we could ignore old dll names for security 
>> reasons.

>This is now added to ICS V8.34. 
>Also corrected next OpenSSL release is 1.1.1 not 1.1.0a, so this build will 
>support up to 1.1.999.
>Will need to revisit this stuff when OpenSSL 1.2.0 is released with new DLL 
>names in a few years time, maybe sooner if it's needed for TLS/1.3, although 
>1.1.0 already contains many of the >new features, except the actual simplified 

Thank you!
Could you also add some conditional define to hide functions that are gone
I just accidentally noticed that EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init is gone when my 
application started crashing, it would be nice to fail at compile time.

Also an unrelated question why do we need OverbyteIcsLibeayEx? Could not we 
just put everything in OverbyteIcsLibeay? I think it will be easier to support.
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