> Could you also add some conditional define to hide functions that 
> are gone
> I just accidentally noticed that EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init is gone when 
> my application started crashing, it would be nice to fail at 
> compile time.

Not easily, it would be needed if your application still used 1.0.2,
and that is a runtime decision, not compile time.  

Most of this nasty stuff is hidden by ICS so is my problem, but you
obviously have some extra SSL code using our APIs.  

Do you have any useful SSL code for ICS? 

I did document all the missing functions in the units, but not in SVN,
few people care.  

> Also an unrelated question why do we need OverbyteIcsLibeayEx? 
> Could not we just put everything in OverbyteIcsLibeay? I think it 
> will be easier to support.

Arno did this originally to try and keep the size of twsocket down,
although subsequently added lots of other extra stuff to twsocket. 

When I have time to rewrite the export stuff, I'll at least consolidate
the LibeayEx stuff into Libeay so it's easier to see what's missing.  


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