> Always is needed use the OnDataSent event ?
> I need only transfer the tmemorystream off a Timage1 to Timage2 
> over twsocket.

It will probably work on a LAN, as long as BLOCK_SIZE is no more than
64 KBytes, and the server accepts the data immediately it's sent.  

But the proper way is to send chunks in OnDataSent, then you know the
other end is accepting the data.  

The sample OverbyteIcsSender.dpr illustrates how to use OnDataSent to
send the next block.  

Or you could just use my ICS TMagIpLog component, that will send and
receive a stream. 


That component also uses OnDataSent to send a stream, if you want to
borrow the code, but using the proper component would be faster. 


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