Code signing certificates can vary in price significantly depending on
how you buy them.  

I've just renewed my Symantec certificate for $99/year, which is about
half what most vendors charge and appears to be a deal with Microsoft.
If you start at:

you'll find links to several vendors with various offers, for Symantec
at least you'll need a Windows Live Id to prove Microsoft has heard of
you to get the deal, not sure if it checks for MSDN or Action Pack
membership, I have the latter.   

The other catch is actually ordering it.  I used Thawte code signing
certificates for 10 years which were ordered using MSIE that creates
and saves the private key in the windows certificate store, and does
not allow it to be exported to another PC. 

When Windows 10 arrived, MSIE no longer worked with the Thawte order
form whose web page still talked about Vista.  That was when I started
looking around and found Symantec (who own Thawte) supports Firefox, so
you can export the private key and certificate as a PFX file and use it
on any PC.  

Also beware most Code Signing certificates are issued to organisations,
whose identity must be confirmed by the issuer, company registration
documentation may be needed, and there will usually be a phone call to
check your company really exists. 

The upside is Code Signing certificates can also be used in Acrobat and
maybe other applications to digitally sign legal documents, I've done
that twice recently.  


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