Dear Angus,
  Well yes for now ... but in a "couple" years most Hosting services
  will upgrade their apache/ngix to support HTTP/2. (Also IIS)
  (I've upgraded my Server PC to Server 2016 Essentials)

Google, Microsoft and major companies etc are already serving with HTTP/2. Which it will mean more speed and less bandwidth in general out of box.

Since ICS is non-blocking i thought that HTTP/2 implementation is easy.
  (My thought: Just add compression and handling and it's done)

  Anyway, i'm trying to making this stupid <g> IMAP server with ICS,
  just through up a segguestion for ICS.

Also take a look at his blog, he has interesting stuff:

On 2017-01-23 10:53, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
I saw some HTTP/2 code at and
it  looked similar to ICS code and ICS may need a couple
modifications in order to archive HTTP/2

Interesting set of Delphi components aimed at cloud applications, I've
cloned the repository, might be useful for testing.

But it's blocking sockets, not async like ICS and the SSL is a little

Why exactly do you believe HTTP/2 to be important?  My understanding is
all requests start as HTTP/1 and then change protocol if the server
supports it for efficiency, so ICS is not blocked from any web sites.

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