> This blog post links to the nghttp2 C header translation used in 
> the HTTP2 client, but is far from complete and the low level 
> HPACK API functions are missing.
> https://blog.grijjy.com/2017/01/18/sending-ios-and-android-remote-
> push-notifications-from-your-delphi-service-with-the-http2-protoco
> l/

Finally installed Windows Server 2016, so can now easily test http/2,
most of which seems to hidden from the client, you just see 1.1 change
to 2.0 in Firefox.  

Seems most implementations only support http/2 over SSL/TLS, including
Windows, not a problem as such.  

grijjy seems to have implemented the nghttp2 library as a DLL, not sure
we really want to distribute another DLL with our applications.  

When you have a lot of spare time, could you possibly investigate
whether it's possible to build C++ OBJ files that we can link into ICS,
similarly to ZLIB?   If not, could you please try and build the DLL? 


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