> What can be the maximum number of FTP clients connected to the 
> FTPServer.

I've tested over 200 simultaneous FTP sessions, but see below. 

> What can be the maximum number of clients connected to the Socket 
> Server.

I've tested 2,000 simultaneous TCP/IP sessions in a single thread, on
Windows 10.  

The main limitation I found was connection time, particularly with SSL
which has a heavy overhead opening each new session.  So there is a
restriction to how many new sessions can be opened each second, I think
it was about 100 with SSL TLS/1.2, although that might improve with the
next generation TLS/1,3 which is more efficient.  

Look back to the Stress Testing message I posted on 14 Sep 2016 which
explains all this, including details of the tools I wrote for testing,
which you can download from my web site. 



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