> I thought maybe this was a way to automatically set received 
> cookies to the HttpCli, but upon some testing this wasn't the
> case. Observing the code there doesn't seem to be any purpose to
> this variable:
>         else if Field = 'set-cookie' then begin
> >             bAccept := TRUE;
> >             TriggerCookie(Data, bAccept);

bAccept is not used within the component, but TriggerCookie is virtual
function and there may be descendant components that override the
function and use it.  

I added the OverbyteIcsCookies.pas unit a few years ago which does add
cookie support with TIcsCookies.  The header says:

Provides a memory store for persistent and non-persistent cookies
captured from the HTTP SetCookie header, and builds a Cookie header for
any stored cookies for a URL. Persistent cookies are saved and re-read
from a simple CSV file. OverbyteIcsHttpTst1.pas shows how to handle
cookies, very few new lines.

Also look at the browser sample project, which is why I wrote it. 


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