Hello Angus,

thanks for your answer. It is a good starting point for me once I
actually find the time to do the necessary changes (which is not now).

As for sending issues: I already implemented the possibility to specify
several e-mail servers in my application which will be tried in the
specified order if one should not be reachable. That looks good enough
for now.

But rest assured: I use your component for using dial up networking, if
specified by the user, since years already. I just don't know if any
user actually uses it as the e-mail finctionality is only used by a
subset of the user base.

Back when implementing this I did test it, but at work it's difficult
nowdays to find an analogue phone port and a working modem ;-)
(back when testing it it first failed and after fixing some
implementation bugs on my side I finally learned that the modem I had
lent was defective as well ;-) So I lent a different one from IT
department which worked ;-) )

Best regards

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