One detail I forgot to mention, in the first example you gave me, I also
had to add the line " SslHttpCli.Cookie :=
IcsCookies.GetCookies(SslHttpCli.URL);" in the event "OnLocationChange" is
this correct?

2017-05-27 17:03 GMT-03:00 {Dark_Ducke} <>:

> Thanks, it worked perfectly, I managed to navigate the other pages, but
> now another problem has appeared, I changed the user and logged in again,
> and all the pages that I navigate are with the data of the first user, even
> sending a post with incorrect login and password He logs in as if he was
> the first user to take the test.
> Already tried to do before sending the Post of login:
>         IcsCookies.AutoSave := False;
>         IcsCookies.ClearAllCookies;
>         SslAvlSessionCache1.Clear;
> But continue logging in with the first user ..
> Already taking advantage of not send another email, what is the property
> "MultiThreaded"? The idea of my system is to make https queries showing
> information in a TStringGrid without it crashing the UI, should I always
> use Get and Post "ASync" correct?
> Thank you again! \O/
> Ps: Is there any documentation for this component? It is not even on the
> ICS component list on the site
> 2017-05-25 14:16 GMT-03:00 Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd <
>> > I get the login data for the login page using "POST" and
>> > "PostASync", but when doing a GET on the next page that
>> > should be accessed with the logged in user
>> Almost certainly cookies, these are not handled internally between
>> requests, you need to repeat your line:
>>  HttpCli1.Cookie := IcsCookies.GetCookies(HttpCli1.URL);
>> after setting each URL and before making the request, so it's current.
>> And then actually keep cookies returned by the server, in the OnCookie
>> event.
>> procedure TFormWebDown.HttpClientCookie(Sender: TObject; const Data:
>> string; var Accept: Boolean);
>> begin
>>     IcsCookies.SetCookie(Data, (Sender as THttpCli).URL);
>> end;
>> So cookies returned by one request will get sent back to the server
>> with the next request, which is how a session is maintained.
>> Angus
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