> Thanks, it worked perfectly, I managed to navigate the other 
> pages, but now another problem has appeared, I changed the user
> and logged in again, and all the pages that I navigate are with
> the data of the first user, even sending a post with incorrect
> login and password He logs in as if  he was the first user to
> take the test.

All I can suggest is you add logging to your application to check the
actual cookies returned by responses, and then check those same cookies
are being sent in requests for the same URL.  It sounds like you are
not correctly saving cookies. 

> Already taking advantage of not send another email, what is the 
> property "MultiThreaded"? 

This is primarily for servers handling many complex clients at the same
time, changing the property itself does almost nothing, you have to
rewrite your application to use threads.  

> Ps: Is there any documentation for this component? It is not even 
> on the ICS component list on the overbyte.eu site

The main web site is rarely updated, but the readme8.txt file contains
a full list all components, updated two days ago, there is a sample
project for cookies that tests them.  But no documentation other than
in the components and sample.

We have continually asked for assistance documenting ICS over 20 years,
with little success.  I don't have the free time to both maintain ICS
and write new components, and then update web sites and wiki. 


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