Hi Angus,

I downloaded magxfer and the latest ICS snapshot from your website.
I replaced my older version of ICS with the newest and tested some of my 
programs, those seem to
work properly.

However, when I try to install magxfer, I can compile it but when I try to 
install it, Delphi (7)
complains about the missing package OverbyteIcsSslDel70, of which I cannot find 
any reference within

Would you have a piece of advice for me.

Thank you


>> upon downloading a file from an FTP Server I am trying to reset 
>> the filedate of the local file to
>> that of the original, would this be possible using ICS.
> ICS has two functions UpdateFileAge and UpdateUFileAge in
> OverbyteIcsFtpSrvT.pas to set the time stamp to local or UTC time
> respectively.  
> Of course you need the correct time stamp to start with, which depends
> on the FTP server capabilities, some are better than others.  UTC is
> safer since it does not change twice a year. 
>> Also, is there a flag or such I can use to signal that the 
>> download of the file is finished before he program tries to do
>> anything with the file, such as renaming it or so.
> Download with a changed file exetension, and only rename it to the
> original name once you are happy it's complete and not corrupted. 
> The free high level TMagFtp component does all this stuff automatically,
> from:
> https://www.magsys.co.uk/delphi/magxfer.asp
> Angus

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