Am 26.06.2017 um 16:51 schrieb Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd:
>> However, when I try to install magxfer, I can compile it but when 
>> I try to install it, Delphi (7)
>> complains about the missing package OverbyteIcsSslDel70, of which 
>> I cannot find any reference within ICS.
> We stopped tested against Delphi 7 several years ago, although ICS
> still supports it, in theory.  We try to support Delphi 2007 and later,
> but that is still dozens of compilers and platforms, I've lost track,
> just know I need to edit 44 packages to add a single unit to ICS, which
> is tedious and boring.     
> OverbyteIcsSslDelxx were old package names used by old versions of ICS,
> you must be installing an ancient version of TMagXfer, only the latest
> 4.6 is supported by ICS V8, and you might get some issues against the
> latest ICS in SVN.  
> The MagentaXfer7Run I assume you are building refers to
> OverbyteIcsD7Run, not OverbyteIcsSslDel70. 
> Angus

yes indeed it was version 2.7 I tried to install, this is the version behind 
the link "Magenta
Systems File Transfer Components 
<>" on your
website. Only the other one leads to the most recent version.

As predicted, I run into other issues when I now try to install the newest 

Do you have any knowledge of other users of D7 and their success installing 
this newest combo?


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