> yes indeed it was version 2.7 I tried to install

Sorry, bad link, now fixed.  

> As predicted, I run into other issues when I now try to install 
> the newest version.

The only change I believe is needed is for an ICS change I made last
week, in MagentaFtp3.pas change GetUAgeSizeFile to IcsGetUAgeSizeFile,
but that is not in the overnight zip yet, only SVN at lunch time today.
So maybe your idea of 'latest version' is different to mine. 
> Do you have any knowledge of other users of D7 and their success 
> installing this newest combo?

Delphi 7 is rarely used.  Delphi 2007 was the last AnsiString compiler,
so is widely used, including for all my own applications that I don't
want to waste days converting to Unicode and retesting. 

But the language changes between 7 and 2007 were very minor, we simply
can not keep testing against ancient stuff. 


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