ICS now includes two new components, TIcsProxy and TIcsHttpProxy. 
Also, added multiple SSL host support to TSslWSocketServer, and to the
two web server components. There are new sample SSL applications to
test the proxy components and web server host support.  

The multiple IcsHosts support includes an easier way of configuring SSL
server certificates including support for PFX bundle files and embedded
certificates, and chain checking so errors are found before the server
starts rather than afterwards.  

Previously, although the servers supported multiple IP addresses and
ports, a lot of application code was needed to support multiple hosts,
SSL certificates and separate directories for separate sites. 

The proxy and web servers now optionally support the URL /.well-known/
separately to the normal server root, this is primarily for Let's
Encrypt challenges but is becoming more commonly used for special
server services.  

Separate postings expand on these changes.  


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