I'm using ICS TPop3Cli/TSslPop3Cli components together with a TMimeDecodeW 
component to handle
incoming mails.

Mails are plain text and are generated by some external system (Same behavior 
can also be seen if
mails are sent by Outlook 2016).

Mail content looks like this:

== Section1 ==========================================================
Value1 SomeValue
Value2 SomeOtherValue
== Section2 ==========================================================
Value1 SomeValue
Value2 SomeOtherValue

And so on...

Problem is with the section lines. These are 70 characters long before being 
MIME-encoded on the
sending side.
The encoder escapes all = characters (one byte 0x3D) with =3D (three bytes 
0x3D, 0x33, 0x44).
Now the line is too long and the sending system inserts conditional linebreaks.
These conditional linebreaks are encoded as three bytes 0x3D, 0x0D, 0x0A (An 
escaped CRLF).

Now the problem:
TMimeDecode only sees the CRLF and does not take the 0x3D into account.
As a result the decoded mail has more lines than the original mail and (what is 
worse) we see
additional = characters at the end of every line that has conditional 
linebreaks added by the

Version used is ICS 8.47

Do you see this problem, too?
Or is there a misunderstanding on my side?


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