> Yes I am using the ICS TFTPServer. No SSL. ICS version 8.44 
> March. Delphi Seattle.Two physical Win7 machines with a VM in 
> each effectively 4 machines.All sending files to a single machine 
> in quick succession.After copy I am checking size and Renaming 
> the file.Using TFtpClient in ASync mode.

So this is both ICS FTP client and server?  Running on five machines?
What OS is the server, you only mention four clients.  I'd say they are
really two machines, since there is a single CPU and NIC.  

You can try using my compiled  TMagFtp client running on the four
systems to see if you get the same issue, it also checks size and
renames files. 


There is a threaded version which is how I tested hundreds of
simultaneous sessions.  

To eliminate the server, you can test against my public ICS FTP server,
ics.ftptest.org which is running on Windows 2012 or 2008, you'll need a
login if you need to upload files.  There are other makes of FTP server
there as well, but not all currently running.  


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