you are right never thought it was not in ICS

On 28/10/2017 11:28, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
i have an OLD procedure in Delphi6 it used TnCnx which head
TnScript1.TnConn.SetSSHUserPass(GlobalLogIn, GlobalPassWord);
Now in Delphi 7 i installed a new library, a long time ago,
which dose not have this 2 function
SetSSHUserPass  .SetIsSSH.
What do i do? what is wrong my library ?
None of the ICS components have ever supported SSH, which is an
encryption alternative to SSL.

So your application must have been using a customised version of ICS
that added SSH support, probably the FTERM project on the ICS Usermade
page dating back many years by a pair of Chinese developers, written
for Delphi 6 only.   They modified many of the ICS units without
changing the names.

Their code was never integrated into ICS, so is incompatible with any
official ICS releases.  If you want SSH, you need to continue to use
the old library. The URLs in library no longer work.




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