Yes you're right. I see this quite weird code. From the 1st quick sight I guess:
Login => DnsLookup --> SocketDNSLookupDone => Connect
should be
Login => Connect --> SocketDNSLookupDone
(where => is direct call and --> is async handler)
But I might be missing something important.
FTP client has this issue too :)
Except that HttpCli doesn't get this far when supplied with a domain name.
As Angus suggests in his post, it tries to do a dns lookup first, and


Btw, isn't this line
FCtrlSocket.SslEnable := ((FProxy = '') and (FProtocol = 'https'));
silently drops security transfer? I guess it should be an exception but not silent transition to plain text transfer with potential security risks. But I haven't used HttpCli with SSL so it might be a false alarm.



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