Good afternoon,

I’m trying to send email via Which perfectly worked since a while 
but now it seems gmail (I think this is the reason) is rejecting the 01cert.pem 
Because the encryption is too weak.

After running:

SslSmtpCli1.Host          := '';
SslSmtpCli1.Port          := '465';

SslSmtpCli1.SslType       := smtpTlsImplicit;

if SslSmtpCli1.SslType <> smtpTlsNone then
 SslContext1.SslPrivKeyFile := GlobalUserSettings.fCertDir + '\01key.pem';
 SslContext1.SslPassPhrase  := 'password';
 SslContext1.SslCertFile    := GlobalUserSettings.fCertDir + '\01cert.pem';
 SslContext1.SslCAFile      := GlobalUserSettings.fCertDir + 
 SslContext1.SslCAPath      := GlobalUserSettings.fCertDir + '\TrustedCaStore';
 SslContext1.SslVerifyPeer  := false;
 SslSmtpCli1.OnSslVerifyPeer := nil; // events voor peer verification + 
 SslSmtpCli1.OnSslHandshakeDone := nil;

I throws this exception

Debugger Exception Notification:
Project xxx exception class EsslContextException with
Message ‘Can’t read certificate file “c:\xxxx\01cert.pem”
Error: 140AB18E:SSL routinges:SSL_CTX_use_certificate:ca md too weak

Is there a (quick) solution to rebuild the certificate so that it’s not too 

I did not manage to understand how to build my own certificate from the 
demos/SslCerts folder.

Thanks for any help.


Met vriendelijke groeten - Best regards - Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Bestu 
kveðjur - Sincères salutations
Jasja Glasbeek | Sales/Export/ICT | Machandel BV

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