> So today I have dived into OverByteIcsHttpProt.pas and made a few 
> small hacks as under to bypass the DNS lookup:
> FCtrlSocket.DnsLookup('');    

I've fixed the SOCKS host name issue for the HTTP client and improved
the error messages that come back when a proxy fails.  

It's in SVN now, it will be zipped overnight.  

My change is not quite the same as yours, since in the current ICS
version attempting a blank DNS lookup raises an immediate exception, so
perhaps you are using old code.  I did improve DNS error handling last

I've also improved the HTTP client sample for better proxy and socks
testing, including authentication.  

Our SMTP and FTP clients also support socks so probably need fixing as
well, but I guess few people are using it otherwise these issues would
have come to light over the last 15 years.  

Most socks servers support UDP so DNS lookups would be possible, but
ICS currently relies on Windows for all client DNS lookups and you can
not specify the DNS server, Windows uses whatever is configured. 

ICS does have a DnsQuery component, but it would not be easy to plug
into WSocket, it would need to handle timeouts which are common with

Our DNS lookups do need improvement, for instance many large sites
return a list of IP addresses for multiple servers, but we currently
only contact the first and ignore the rest, ideally the next attempt
should use another IP.    


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