The FTP server I have connected to for years is being upgraded to FTPS and now requires AuthTls for the connection. I have changed my FtpClient to SslFtpClient and amazingly enough it all just works. I use the 01cert.pem etc. as example files, verify peer all works, just waiting for the gotcha to jump up and get me.

However the question I have is this. The whole excercise was to provide a secure connection between the client and server, but when I look at the data being transferred with Wireshark, I see that everything is encrypted except for the response to the DirAsync command.

1: Is this what you would expect?
2: Is this up to the server as to how it sends the directory listing back to the client? 3: Is the problem at the client end, in that it is somehow requesting the server to send the data back unencrypted.

Just in case it was you that I spoke to years ago about this server, it is the Avid iNEWS newsroom system.

Any input much appreciated.

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