> I am interested in making REST calls. While I have some 
> experience with the REST components that come from Embarcadero, I
> am looking at alternatives.
> Can ICS be used for REST?  Are there any examples, particularly 
> settings parameters for REST calls?

REST is really a concept using the HTTP protocol, which ICS supports,
so yes ICS can be used to create REST applications.

However ICS does not natively support SOAP, XML or Json which are
typically used to send data, but these are part of modern Delphi
compilers and third party components can be used for older compilers. 

There are two REST samples, from the readme:
OverbyteIcsRestDemo.drp         Demo program showing how to use REST
API from Google and Yahoo

OverbyteIcsRestJsonDemo.drp     Demo program showing how to use REST
API from Google Search and JSON

Modern REST applications often use JOSE, Json Object Signing and
Encryption, and I've written a new ICS component that does much of this,
likewise you may need OAuth2 authentication which is related to Jose
and will be added soon.  

This stuff will be used in a new ICS component to automatically acquire
SSL certificates using REST from Let's Encrypt, Digicert, Comodo, etc,
most of which is already working.  But it won't be released for another
month or two.


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