Hi Dave

> Hi there, I'm looking to do some work on txAMQP


> is this project still active?

Yes, very much so.

> Is the trunk the right place to start?

Yes I think so. The recent work has been in
but those changes are Thrift specific (in contrib/thrift/protocol.py)
so they wont be relevant to you unless you're using the Thrift part
of txAMQP.

> Anyway, I have a branch here with a few commits:
> lp:~dave-krondo/txamqp/patches
> 1. Added a .bzrignore file to skip over the build and egg-info dirs.
> 2. Added an errback to the simple producer/consumer examples so if
> something goes wrong it tells you instead of just sitting there. :)
> 3. Some pyflakes cleanup.

That's really great, I hope you'll get into it.

Esteve Fernandez is the person who can respond to all this most
definitively.  He's in the middle of a move back to Spain from Mexico,
though, so he probably wont be able to reply for several days.


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