I recently started playing with txAMPQ and I have 5 basic questions, I hope someone could help me:
I am basing my questions on Esteve's code in http://pastebin.org/38643

a) Important classes like ChannelAmqp80 are created on the fly from the xml file (at least that's my understanding). This is making my life difficult: I cannot read the code and cannot call help() on the methods. Is there an easy way to access this information? (now I am calling the help(chan.basic_publish) from my code ie in def gotConnection()) b) Esteve's code works on my pc but when I try to change it to make an Exchange of type=”topic” (line 16) the program get stuck to this line. I belive I there is an error. c) In Esteve's code: doesn't the consumer need to ack the received messages? Otherwise, msg would be put back in the queue after a timeout, isn't it?! d) In general, what is the point of having multiple channels on the same connections (I believe on a single channel I may still have more than one Exchange)? e) What would be the main difference if using py-amqplib instead of txAMQP? I would not benefit from an asynchronous framework?! ie I would have to wait for the end of the execution of each commands like: chan.exchange_declare(),chan.queue_bind() and more importantly a machine waiting for a message would be stuck until it gets it instead of being able to get it asynchronously?!
Thanks in adavance,
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