On 06/14/2010 05:31 PM, Andrew Badr wrote:
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I have a long-running server processes that listen for new messages from some changing set of rooms. I want to make sure that when I'm done with a particular room, all the resources associated with it are eventually freed. Here's what my Room init code does:

    def startListening(self):
        routing_key = 'rooms.' + self.id <http://self.id>
        queue_name = routing_key + '::' + CYCLONE_ID
AMQP_CHANNEL.queue_declare(queue=queue_name, durable=False, auto_delete=True) AMQP_CHANNEL.exchange_declare(exchange=EXCHANGE_NAME, type='topic', durable=True)
        consumer_tag = 'room' + self.id <http://self.id>
AMQP_CHANNEL.basic_consume(queue=queue_name, consumer_tag=consumer_tag)
        queue = yield AMQP_CONNECTION.queue(consumer_tag)
        while True:
            msg = yield queue.get()

Note that the AMQP connection+channel are global. When the server wants to forgot about a room, what do I have to do to ensure that all resources will eventually be garbage collected? Does it suffice to cancel the consumer? Do I have to close the TimeoutDeferredQueue? Looking at the code in protocol.py, it looks like there might be no way to make the channel forget about the queue. Am I reading that correctly? If so, that means I would need a new channel for each room, right?

That's not just init code, right? I mean you're also processing messages.

Anyway, I think you want to call queue_delete like this (untested):



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