Hmm, unfortunately it didnt work. Maybe its lack of my understanding
of inlineCallbacks (this is the first I am using it). Anyway, I have
code pasted at: - modified from txamqp samples.

As can be seen form the code, I am not sure how the control flow is
given back to other deferred when we are doing while True: or am I
missing something?

Thus which queue, I consume first seems to be only getting the message
and I am missing the other one.

Where am I going wrong?

I think I should reread how inlineCallbacks work again anyway....

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 7:52 AM, Esteve Fernandez
<> wrote:
> Hi Ritesh,
> you can have two functions that returns a Deferred, each consuming
> from a different queue and build a DeferredList with those two
> Deferreds. For example:
> @defer.inlineCallbacks
> def consume(consumerTag):
>    queue = yield conn.queue(consumerTag)
>    while True:
>        msg = yield queue.get()
>        doSomething(msg)
>        if msg is STOP_TOKEN: # STOP_TOKEN is something the producer
> may send to stop the consumer
>            break
> @defer.inlineCallbacks
> def myFunc():
>    d1 = consume("consumerTag1")
>    d2 = consume("consumerTag2")
>    dl = DeferredList([d1, d2], fireOnOneCallback=True)
>    yield dl
>    print "Finished"
> the key is in fireOnOneCallback=True, this way when any of the two
> functions finish, the Deferred will be fired and the code flow will
> continue.
> Cheers.


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